Joshi Research Group

Materials and Mechanics Research

Our research interests are in the broad area of materials mechanics at multiple length and time-scales. Of particular interest to us are the roles defects play in modulating the strength and mechanical instabilities in advanced microstructures such as nanostructured metals and their composites, reinforced polymers. Examples include - length-scale effects in plasticity and instabilities such as shear bands, fracture and stiffness degradation in such microstructures under protean loading conditions. To investigate these aspects, we resort to formulating enriched continuum mechanics frameworks that are informed by materials science.

We strongly believe that fundamental natural principles of evolutionary design should form the basis for engineering materials with novel micro-architectures. Our approach is driven by learning through key mechanisms observed in experiments and using them as a basis to devise consistent mechanics frameworks. Therefore, while our group primarily focuses on theoretical and computational mechanics, we are also actively involved in experimental mechanics of materials including materials synthesis, mechanical testing over a range of length-scales and time-scales and post-mortem characterization.