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Papers submitted/ in preparation

  1. Aghababaei, R and Joshi, SP (2012) Micromechanics of crystallographic size-effects in metal matrix composites induced by thermo-mechanical loading. Sub judice.

  2. Ho, SL, Joshi, SP and Tay, AAO (2012) Three dimensional modeling of delamination in encapsulated silicon devices. Sub judice,

  3. Ho, SL, Joshi, SP and Tay, AAO (2012) Thermal-rate dependent delamination of metal-polymer interfaces: experiments and modeling. Sub judice.

  4. Hariharan, S, Joshi, SP, and Balaya, P (2012). Superior lithium storage performance in -Fe2O3 using conversion reaction. To be submitted.

Papers published/ accepted in refereed journals


  1. Aghababaei, R and Joshi, SP (2012) A crystal plasticity analysis of length-scale dependent internal stresses with image effects. Accepted in Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids. doi:10.1016-j.jmps.2012.07.005.

  2. Habibi, M, Gupta, M and Joshi, SP (2012) Size-effects in textural strengthening of hierarchical magnesium nano-composites. Accepted in Materials Science and Engineering-A. doi:10.1016-j.msea.2012.07.080.

  3. Abhilash, AS, Purohit, PK and Joshi, SP (2012) Stochastic rate-dependent elasticity and failure of soft fibrous networks. Soft Matter, 8, 7004-7016. PDF

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  5. Li, B, Joshi, SP, Almagri, O, Ma, Q, Ramesh, KT and Mukai, T (2012) Rate-dependent hardening due to twinning in an ultrafine-grained Magnesium alloy. Acta Materialia, 60(4), 1818-1826. PDF


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